the end.

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Well. It’s over.

Words can’t express how much this photo blog has impacted my life. I know that could sound a bit extreme, or even cliche, but for those who know me best, keeping up with this blog has opened up more opportunities for me as a photographer than I could dream of. My camera became my best accessory. I began to see photos everywhere. Things to be captured and remembered. I distinctly remember many times throughout the year where I forgot to bring my camera and was disappointed at not being able to capture a perfect picture. Or even when I had my camera, and something happened in such an instance where I couldn’t react fast enough to capture it. And that’s just it- I learned to capture every moment this year, even if it didn’t mean taking a photo. I appreciate the places I am and have been. I appreciate every friend who endured my lens in their face and who encouraged me to keep going through the road blocks. I appreciate my home. I appreciate my family. I appreciate every second where I’m driving, walking, looking at the sky, catching up with a friend, going to class, roadtripping, eating, or being outside. Capturing this appreciation through the year in my journal of daily photos has preserved tiny memories of each day, which I will continue to remember for the rest of my life. So, thank you. Seriously. To every person, best friend, and relative that clicks on this blog, I hope that at least one of my images is cool, inspiring, or special to you. Your support has helped me realize a talent that I know I will carry with me into whatever I choose to do, and has become something that I truly love.



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fireworks in cincinatti for new years eve!

day 364.

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sky before shopping trip with mom.

day 363.

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mags takes a nap.

day 362.

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day 361.

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mad potter!

day 360.

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new knives.